My Senior Degree Project Deipnosohy emphasizes the importance of scent and touch and creates an abstract feminine portrait through the experience of interacting with the encaustic installation and the artist book.  My intention is to challenge the stereotypical way of how contemporary art is seen. Thus, bringing in scent and touch, having the viewers able to get close to the work, touch the wax blocks, and flip through the book in the gallery is the number one goal of this project. 
The title Deipnosophy is a term derives from Greek term Deipnosophistai (means culinary experts) depicting a banquet where long discussions take place. Through a series of interactions with the work, the sensual and intimate experience would hopefully bring out conversations between food and body, the relationship between human and nature. Inspired by the Chinese Confucius idea, Shi Se Xing Ye , which means hunger and sexual instinct, this is what original nature consists of. The Chinese work Xing 性, could both means sex and human nature. Therefore, the work is not intended to be erotic but is to encourage open conversations and reflection on human nature.
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