As the world’s technology keeps developing and becoming an indispensable part in our everyday life, I choose to focus on the combination between art and technology in my senior show. Therefore, I portrayed the digital organic images that were created with different technological devices through various forms or mediums of finearts. Since the Information Age (New Media Age) has started, our world and ways of living have changed rapidly. Climate changes have shifted from being based on natural phenomena to human activities and the development of technology. People rely on technology so much that most of us forget or ignore what our basic responsibility is as humans.
Looking at my six pieces, the photorealistic ink drawing is based on a photograph that I took; the four oil paintings are based on four digital 3D models that I built in Mudbox; the last screen-print installation is transformed from the graphics created in Photoshop. By presenting the combination of art and technology, I hope to honor the importance of technology as well as emphasizing and treasuring the original art technique and skills.
Distortion: Fluctuation
Ink on Paper
Distortion: Massif
Oil on Canvas
Distortion: Organ
Oil on Canvas
Distortion: Stream
Oil on Canvas
Distortion: Crust
Oil on Canvas
Distortion: Galaxy
Silkscreen on Acrylic Sheets
Jan-May 2015
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