Space Project
Time Project: In philosophy, A-series and B-series are two different descriptions of the temporal ordering relation among events. The two series differ principally in their use of tense to describe the temporal relation between events. The terms were introduced by the Scottish idealist philosopher John McTaggart in 1908 as part of his argument for the unreality of time, but since then they have become widely used terms of reference in modern discussions of the philosophy of time.​​​​​​​

[A-series:Ferrofluid Clock]
This minimalist artwork is an abstract clock based on the magnetic property of ferrofluid and the motion of clock hands. This clock is inspired by A-series, which is a temporal ordering runs from the past, present and to the future. The clock hands move and leave the track (past), and the pointy bulge is the now act (present), and the future is unpredictable.
[B-series: Infinity Mirrors]
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