Artist Statement
Florence Liu works across different media including artist books, prints, and installations that engage the senses and invite the viewers to interact with visuals, scents, textures, and sound.  Her practice reflects her cultural background and influences and ultimately, she uses her work as a gateway to self-reflect, self-investigate and to self-meditate. 
Florence explores the idea of order and chaos, within and around the mapping of a feminine body. The evidence of repetition and labor is apparent in her work. It reflects her struggles of compromising and confronting the order; the contrast between the conscious and the subconscious; the relationship between the origin and the otherness; the contrast between the forced and the failures. She sees her work as a channel to delve deeper into her subconscious mind, to see how she is shaped by society, and how to react to the ever-changing environment.
Working with her hands is fundamental for Florence; she sees the process of forming sheets, sculpting clay, pulling prints all as an extension and reflection of herself. By working with her hands and repeating the tasks, the process eventually becomes an investigation of her position within the society.

CV upon request.
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