Artist Statement
Florence Liu works across different media including artist-books, prints, and installations that emphasize the tactile interaction through visuals, scents, textures and sound. By rethinking and manipulating the image of body, flesh, skin, and hair, Florence’s work is actively responding to the relationship between the physical body and the psychological mind. Influenced by the principle of Yin and Yang, a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy about the contradictory opposites, Florence investigates the concept of dualism including order-chaos, male-female, and the dominant-the marginal. Following the cultural tradition of Chinese feminine crafts, she uses repetition and labor-intensive processes as a way to reflect on her upbringing, to convey how our bodies fight with social constraints and depicts the strength within the vulnerability. She sees her work as a channel deeper into her subconsciousness and to use the physical materials as a medium for interconnection of her inner and outer self. 
CV upon request
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